Geeky Geisha was born out of frustration at  not being able to find a web designer who spoke normal, everyday English – or in terms I could understand.

I was  being thrown “fancy over-the-top” designs  which were beautiful and utilized state of the art technology – but they were also expensive.  All I wanted was a simple and an easily navigatable website.

So I decided to learn how to design them myself….

After learning the ropes through trial and error and gaining education in marketing and design, other people began to ask me to build sites for their businesses and interests. I have been introduced to many talented people who now assist me and form part of my team.

There is a crying need for simple websites, without the flashing signage and the intricate functionality. I am not denying that these websites are beautiful and impressive, but for many businesses, they do not fit or suit what THEY are about.

I have made a decision to only build simple and small websites and will happily suggest you seek a more experienced or specific designer, if your needs warrant this advice. My outcome is to provide no nonsense solutions for your web presence, to listen and to help you choose what is best for your business or interest area.

My suggestion would always be to start with a simple site, check your market and gain feedback from clients and customers to find out if there is a need for more functionality. You can always change your design and upgrade what you have.  But please – don’t go spending a fortune on websites if your market and your product doesn’t need it.

I am more than happy to suggest other businesses or individuals who are better placed at assisting you in building your site to the way you want it.

It is our decision at Geeky Geisha, just to keep things simple, uncomplicated and easy.