One Page Web Site – or a “Business Card on the Web”

This sort of site has the essential information your customers or clients might need to find you or gather a little more information about your products. Generally on this page you would have your contact details, business addresses, up to 2 photos or images, text or description of your product.

Especially now that customers are shopping and comparing products and information more on line, its important to have a web presence, even if its one page. When you are on a tight budget, having one page is better than no web page.

The best thing about having one page is that more pages can added in the future – as your needs and the demands and needs of your customers increase.

Use this option if you are a very first time website owner or just want “something” on the web and are not sure yet. You can come either with your own domain and hosting or just front up with nothing..

One page website.  $80

  • This is for the design and uploading onto your site for one page only.
  • Also includes – if your hosting allows it and you require it, for creation of personal email addresses

( PSSSSSST! Are you wondering what Hosting is?  Go here to find out.  Huh?  whats a domain name?  Go here to find out.)

You have a few options with this package – and remember – its flexible – you can change it int eh future if you want to.


  • If you don’t have a domain name and don’t see the need to or want to have one; you can have your One Page Wonder hosted at GGs. Your site will have a random url – it can’t be customised so will look something like this – i.e – This option comes to you at no extra cost and best of all you have no hosting fees. If you want your own website name – you’ll need to buy a domain name. Go here to find out how.

Ready Made

  • Come with your own domain name GG will upload your one page to it. – This is no extra cost. You are responsible for your independently purchased hosting costs.

Nearly Ready

  • Although we would prefer you to independently purchase your Hosting and Domain names, GG can assist you with purchasing either domain name or hosting – $30 plus cost of domain name.  Hosting costs will depend on what package you decide to purchase from that particular company. Options will be discussed with you before anything is decided of purchased.

Want your one page basic website design today?

Contact us today to discuss what you need on your one web page.

And remember, you can easily change the page later or have more pages added to your site in the future. (however if you have a Random package, and wish to add pages, you will need to purchase Hosting and Domain names)