A host is simply a computer (or server) that has a constant, high speed connection to the Internet – every day – day in and day out. You as the owner of a site need to pay for that service – and that’s what ‘hosting’ is. You are paying for that company to have your site up on the internet. There are different hosting offers depending on the type, the size and the popularity of the site – so do your homework and check out all the companies who offer this service and what you actually get for what you are paying for.

We tend to use http://www.hostgator.com for hosting as they offer no nonsense hosting with no lock in fees or contracts.

When looking at the hosting companies, you need to be clear what you want your website to be able to do and the flexibility you are looking for. If you are just looking for a very basic site, don’t pay for hosting which will exceed your needs. Look at the packages carefully and choose something that will suit what you believe you will require for at least the next 6 months.

Many inexpensive hosting products offers include a few email addresses, hosting a limited website ( usually up to 5 pages) and often include a very basic website builder which only allows basic editing on the format or look. This type of hosting can be generally found between $US50 – US$100 per year and can often be available at a cheaper rate on a monthly basis if you lock it in for a certain amount of time.

More flexible plans will allow you to have subdomains (more than one domain ‘hanging’ from the hosting which for all intense purposes is a separate entity , but is just on the same account), unlimited email addresses and a varying amount of bandwidth ( which means the amount of pages and content you can have on your website. These packages are quite handy if you would like to have a personal website as well – but don’t want to pay extra hosting fees – or if you have more than one business interest you’d like a website for.

Either of the four sites mentioned above are able to host your domain – check each package carefully before you purchase.

Geeky Geisha is able to assist you in choosing and purchasing any or either of these steps – but this service is above and extra to the normal website building offered in the packages.

You will need your domain name at least when you contact GG to build your site; but there is no need to have the hosting immediately. Once a template for your site has been agreed, then you can purchase your hosting package and GG can then assist with setting up email addresses and any other area you require.