Do I really need One?

To be honest, most businesses and individuals only need a simple website. However, it all comes down to what the customers desires as their outcome. The type of website you need depends on your business – or personal goals and who your potential customers are.

Basic websites have 3 – 6 pages which include contact details, a few pages on the products or services offered and options for customers to sign up for newsletters or updates with social networking such as twitter. This level of website is appropriate for a business that simply wishes to advertise its services on the web, and wishes to provide an information point of contact for their customers. These are a good introduction to owning a website for those who are new to the experience. Rather than investing too much money straight away, it gives you the opportunity to focus your thoughts on what a website can actually do for your business.

The great thing about a website is that you can change it at any point. You are stuck with your newsprint or yellow pages advertisement for a year – a website can change look and feel within the day.
What Makes a Successful Website?

Bells and whistles are not as important as

– accessibility
– usability
– visual appeal

A website that is successful has these characteristics:

1. It has Original or Unique Content
There are thousands, if not millions, of websites on the web rehashing the same old content or selling the same old things. This is probably even more so today with free blogs being so easy to create. Those sites more or less talk about the same old stuff everywhere, or sell the same old things in the same old way. A reputable and successful website is one that creates original and new content, or provides some outstanding service, or sells something unique, and thus stands out from the crowd.

2. It has Useful Content
Original and unique content in and of itself is pointless if it is of no use to anyone. Note that “use” does not necessarily mean that others need to be able to take direct action based on your content. There is an an old adage in sales – find out what your customers want and give it to them…(of course advanced sales progresses this into convincing those people that they need whatever you have in order to solve whatever problem they are experiencing.. but that’s another story.

Research what your potential customers are looking for or asking questions about within your area of expertise – and then either write blog posts/ articles or information about that – or pay a writer to do this.