After thoughts cover the services we offer for the time AFTER the site has been created and been running for a while.  Minor alterations or editing is included with the Simplicity Package, (we offer two weeks of minor tweaking and fiddling services to ensure you are delighted with your website).  However, there may be a time you want to add a new page, alter an existing one or expand what you already have.

Altering existing pages – $20 per page.

As long as you supply the exact text which is able to be cut and pasted into the page, this sort of fiddling takes very little time and effort.  This service covers altering simple things such as contact details or payment options, product descriptions or location directions.

Extra Pages – $30 per page.

You may find you want to add a page as your needs grow  Again this is provided that all text and details are given exactly as they need to appear.

For more substantial alterations or editing – $60 an hour

This includes uploading of photos, creation of slideshows, writing or editing large parts of the text for pages, altering the look or layout of a page. This also includes altering the “theme” or overall layout or colours of the site.